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George Towner, a former member of the senior technical staff at Apple, has published a number of affordable books on the subject of Digital Reality. He also recorded a lecture and discussion of Digital Reality Theory for the San Francisco Mensa Speaker Series.

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July 14, 2018 (5 stars):

If you have wondered how the interaction with computers affects your thinking, George Towner's "Digital Reality" will speak to you. In navigating our increasingly electronic surroundings, our chances of success increase if we "think" like a computer. . . I can recommend this "Digital Reality" not only for its contribution to epistemology but also for its clear writing and excellent use of analogy.

- Tanya Kelley, Ph.D., Department of Foreign Languages, University of Missouri Kansas City

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February 23, 2019 (5 stars):

Digital Reality is a straightforward description of a thought-provoking way of thinking about reality and how we come to know it. There are valuable insights here for curious readers at all levels of understanding. . . On the whole, I found Digital Reality an enjoyable read.

- James Stanfield, author

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Final Report From a 30-year Study at Apple

Review in Techné of Thinking Like a Computer

March 11, 2021

Thinking Like a Computer is written clearly and succinctly and is accessible to all audiences. Though the topics and ideas that Towner covers are vast, I had no trouble understanding his arguments. . .

Having analyzed the structure of knowledge and understanding, the second half of the book then applies Towner’s tools to explain how the “digital reality” applies to many different fields of study, from Social Sciences and Psychology to Quantum Physics. These ideas are exciting, and I would love to discuss them, but to see where Towner runs with his epistemic foundation you must read the book.

Towner is on the frontlines of epistemology: the intersection of computer science and philosophy should and will dominate discussions for years to come for every person paying attention.

In summary, I recommend Thinking Like a Computer to anyone who was hooked by the idea of analog-digital conversion and how it helps us understand the human mind.

- Techné vol. 25, no. 1, pages 191 - 194, 2021, DOI: 10.5840/techne2021251131

Mensa Presentation on Digital Reality Theory

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